Bodhi Freeway 3 Tutorials
Configuring Bodhi Freeway 3 for Stator

Stator is a portfolio management program created by Anfield Capital Pty Ltd. With Stator you can manually import a file (created by Bodhi Freeway 3 daily) to update your portfolio prices.

    Configure Bodhi Freeway 3 for Stator

  1. Start Bodhi Freeway 3, by using the Start Bar in Microsoft® Windows: Start > Programs > Infosoft > Bodhi3 > Freeway
  2. Click the Configure button.
  3. Click on the Import tab.
  4. Put a tick in the MaxiTrader format. This format will create daily files which contain: ASX Code, Date (YYYYMMDD), Open, High, Low, Close and Volume pricing for all the symbols you are downloading. These files are saved to a default directory of c:\ASXData.
  5. Exit the Module Manager by clicking the [x].
  6. Connect to the Internet then click the Catchup button. Bodhi Freeway 3 will now download and export data to your hard drive (c:\ASXData).

    Entering a trade into Stator

    Before you can import a file into Stator you need to enter some trade information (buy or sells). In the demonstration version of Stator you are limited to using the Demo Owner which is pre-configured. To enter a trade, do the following:
  1. Open Stator by clicking the Launch Stator icon on your Desktop.
  2. Double-click on the Demo Owner entry.

    Stator: Demo Owner

  3. Select Money Management (on the left-hand tree).
  4. Select the Position Sizing tab.
  5. Select the Money Management Model from the drop-down box.
  6. Enter the details of your purchase then click the Calculate button.

    Stator: Entering a trade

  7. Put a tick in the I want to submit this trade.
  8. Choose the System you want to add this trade to.
  9. Enter the date of the trade and the code (as traded on the Exchange) it applies to. Then click the Submit button.

    Stator: Submit a trade

  10. The Confirm Entry Trade screen will appear with the details you entered. Select the Exchange the symbol trades on (from the drop-down box). Check all the details then click Submit.

    Stator: Confirm Details

  11. Click OK. Enter any other trades.
  12. To view the holding cost of your portfolio, select the system where you entered the trades eg. Demo System 1 (from the left-hand tree).

    Stator: Portfolio

    Before you can see the current holding cost of your portfolio you will need to import a text file to load in today's prices.

    Importing a Bodhi Freeway 3 text file into Stator

    Before you can import a text file into Stator you will need to enter some trades. If you haven't already done this, please refer to the instructions above.
  1. Open Stator.
  2. Double-click on the Demo Owner entry.

    Stator: Demo Owner

  3. Go to Maintenance>Update Price Data>Import Price Data.

    Stator: Importing Price Data

  4. The Import Price Data screen will appear. Click on the Browse button and navigate to the c:\ASXData directory created by Bodhi Freeway 3.
  5. Select the latest file. The filenames are in date format. For example: 050624.txt = data for the 24-June-2005 (YYMMDD.txt).
  6. Enter all other relevant information then click the Import button.
  7. The close price for all the symbols you are tracking (in your portfolio) will be displayed in the Update Report section.

    Stator: Import Complete

  8. Click Yes to the open the Price Update Summary. Your portfolio will now be showing its current value.