Bodhi Freeway 3 Tutorials
Adding Prefix and Suffix to Exchange codes
Bodhi Freeway 3 permits the user to create prefix and suffix codes for their database. This has been made available for two reasons:
1. Some import file formats require it (i.e. OptionVue).
2. It's an easy way to recognise stocks when loading multiple Exchange data into one database.

If you were loading all the Australian, New York and NASDAQ Equities into one directory you would experience problems with equities that share the same Exchange Code. For example: BHP Billiton is traded on the ASX and the NYSE under the code: BHP. This would mean that you would only have one BHP file in your directory and it would contain the data for the last Exchange that was updated. In this situation it is preferable to have 2 separate BHP files that can be easily recognisable.

Example: In this example we have a Ascii distribution that currently filters the ASX and NYSE Equities data into the one directory. Now we are going to edit the AsciiCsv format so it contains a suffix for each of these markets.

  1. Open Bodhi Freeway 3.
  2. Click the Configure button.
  3. Make sure AsciiCsv is selected then right-click on the word. The Configure AsciiCsv box will appear.
  4. In the Modify Symbol with section, place a tick in Suffix.

    Bodhi Freeway 3: ASCII formatting

  5. Click the Edit button. A Word Processor will open containing a AsciiCsv.ini file. This file will contain two headings: Prefix and Suffix.
  6. For this to work we must first enter the three letter Exchange code followed by an equal sign then followed by the suffix we want to be appended to the code. For a list of Exchange codes used in Bodhi Freeway 3, refer to this table:

    Exchange Code
    American Business Indicators 09W
    American Consolidated Stock Exchange ASQ
    AusAsian Business Indicators 15E
    Australian Stock Exchange ASX
    European Business Indicators 03E
    NASDAQ Consolidated Stock Exchange NMQ
    New York Consolidated Stock Exchange NYQ
    Sydney Futures Exchange SFE

  7. As we are only filtering two exchanges under the Suffix heading, enter the following:
    Then go to File>Save then File>Exit to close the Word Processor.

    Bodhi Freeway 3: Creating an .ini file with Suffix selected

  8. When you next do a Catchup, your data files for BHP will have changed. Instead of having only one file: BHP.csv you will now have two files: BHP_ASX.csv and BHP_NYQ.csv. This guarantees that you know which file you are looking at and that it will always contain the correct data.