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MSFL/Access Violation or Read of address errors when clicking Catchup
Problem: When exporting to the MetaStock format, Bodhi Freeway 3 has one of the following errors:
MSFL GetFirstSecurityInfo -191 Security not found
Access Violation at address 00000255
(numbers may be different)
Read of address 00000255 (numbers may be different).

Solution: This is a MetaStock locked file problem which can be caused by corrupt data, updating data files whilst viewing them in MetaStock or MetaStock crashing whilst viewing charts.

    To fix this problem, do the following:
  1. Exit out of the error then reopen Bodhi Freeway 3.
  2. Click the Edit>Options.
  3. Tick Debug File Create.
  4. Exit the Options screen.
  5. Connect to the Internet and click Catchup.
  6. Click OK to the debug message.

This will go through all your MetaStock files and unlock them. When it has finished successfully please re-enter the Options screen and remove the tick from the Debug file.

If you continue to have an error, please refer to: Invalid argument to data encode.
BodhiGold software does not have MSFL errors. It can also update MetaStock data into a single data directory and/or to various data groups - Read More.