Bodhi Freeway 2 Tutorials
Filtering symbols into Index Groups

Bodhi Freeway 2 uses the MSCI (Morgan Stanley Capital International) Global Indexing to classify all symbols into index groupings. If you would prefer to use the GICS (Global Industry Classification) supported by the Australian Stock Exchange you will need to purchase a subscription to BodhiGold.

    To use the MSCI grouping to filter symbols into individual index directories (i.e. all gold symbols going into a c:\My Databases\ASX\Gold) you will need to do the following steps:
  1. Create a new distribution list.
  2. Add new directories then filter them by Sector.

Creating a new distribution list

You only have to create a new distribution list if you currently have Default Distribution selected. The Default Distribution list installs with the software and can not be modified. You can find out if you have the Default Distribution selected by doing the following:
  1. Open Bodhi Freeway 2.
  2. Click Finance.
  3. If you are using the Default Distribution these words will be displayed in the top left corner of this screen.

    Default Distribution

  4. Right-click on the word Distribution.
  5. Click the Manager button.
  6. If you do have the Default Distribution selected continue with these steps, otherwise go to the next section Adding new directories then filtering by Sector.
  7. Go to File>Copy List.
  8. Enter a name for your new list (i.e. INDEX) then click OK.
  9. The entire contents of the Default Distribution will have been copied to your new list and the name of your list will be displayed in the top drop-down box. The Edit directory is now activated.

    Index Distribution List

  10. This list consists of the default directories for all the formats Bodhi Freeway 2 supports. All these directories are currently enabled for exporting. A list of these directories are below:

    Format Directory Current Filtering
    GoldRush c:\GoldRush\Data\%Source% Filtered for Source (eg. ASX or NYS)
    AsciiCsv c:\My Databases\AsciiCsv\%Source% Filtered for Source (eg. ASX or NYS)
    BodhiOne c:\My Databases\BodhiOne\%Source%\Options Filtered for Source (eg. SFE) and only contains Options.
    BodhiOne c:\My Databases\BodhiOne\%Source%\Equities Filtered for Source (eg. ASX or NYS) & contains everything except Options.
    EzyChart c:\My Databases\EzyChart\%Source% Filtered for Source (eg. ASX or NYS)
    MetaStock c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source% Filtered for Source (eg. ASX or NYS)
    MetaStock c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source%\! Filtered for Source (eg. ASX or NYS) and only contains symbols that begin with an exclamation mark ! (Personal Indexes or Advance/Decline Lines).
    MetaStock c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source%\0 to 9 Filtered for Source (eg. ASX or NYS) and only contains symbols that begin with the numbers: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9.
    MetaStock c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source%\a to z Filtered for Source (eg. ASX or NYS) and each directory only contains symbols that begin with the letters: A, B, C, D, E ... Z.
    MoneyTor c:\My Databases\MoneyTor\%Source% Only contains symbols from the ASX.
    Stockeasy c:\Program Files\Stockeasy\Data No Filtering. Everything will be loaded into this directory.
    WenGroup WEN data folder\%Source%\Sector Filtered for Source (eg. ASX or NYS)

  11. If you only want to export data into Index Grouping you will need to stop the current directories from exporting. To do this, do the following:
    1. Using the table above, locate the format/s you are using.
    2. Click on the first one in the list (so it is highlighted).
    3. Remove the tick from the Enable Exporting box.
    4. Follow this step for every directory in the list using your format/s.

    Disable Exporting

  12. To create your new index directories, follow the steps in the next section.

Adding new directories then filtering by Sector

We are now going to create a new directory for each index group filtering each directory by Source (eg. ASX, NMQ, NYQ and/or ASQ), by Market (eg. Equity, Index etc.) and by Index Group. In this demonstration we will use the MetaStock format and create the following directories:

Directory Sector Filtering
c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source%\%Market%\Aerospace Aerospace & Military Technology
c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source%\%Market%\Appliances Appliances & Household Durables
c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source%\%Market%\Automobiles Automobiles
c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source%\%Market%\Banking Banking
c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source%\%Market%\Beverages Beverages & Tobacco
c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source%\%Market%\BroadcastPublishing Broadcast & Publishing
c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source%\%Market%\BuildingMaterials Building Materials & Components
c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source%\%Market%\Business Business & Public Services
c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source%\%Market%\Chemical Chemicals
c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source%\%Market%\Construction Construction & Housing
c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source%\%Market%\DataProcessing Data Processing & Reproduction
c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source%\%Market%\Electrical Electrical & Electronics
c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source%\%Market%\ElectronicComponents Electronic Components, Instruments
c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source%\%Market%\EnergyEquipment Energy Equipment & Services
c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source%\%Market%\EnergySources Energy Sources
c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source%\%Market%\FinServices Financial Services
c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source%\%Market%\FoodHouseHold Food & Household Products
c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source%\%Market%\ForestProducts Forest Products & Paper
c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source%\%Market%\GoldMines Gold Mines
c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source%\%Market%\Healthcare Health & Personal Care
c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source%\%Market%\IndustrialComp Industrial Components
c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source%\%Market%\Insurance Insurance
c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source%\%Market%\LeisureTourism Leisure & Tourism
c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source%\%Market%\Machinery Machinery & Engineering
c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source%\%Market%\Merchandising Merchandising
c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source%\%Market%\MetalsNonFerrous Metals - Non Ferrous
c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source%\%Market%\MetalsSteel Metals - Steel
c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source%\%Market%\MiscMaterials Misc. Materials & Commodities
c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source%\%Market%\MultiIndustry Multi-Industry
c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source%\%Market%\RealEstate Real Estate
c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source%\%Market%\Recreation Recreation, Other Consumer Goods
c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source%\%Market%\Telecommunication Telecommunications
c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source%\%Market%\Textiles Textiles & Apparel
c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source%\%Market%\TransportAirlines Transportation - Airlines
c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source%\%Market%\TransportRoadRail Transportation - Road & Rail
c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source%\%Market%\TransportShipping Transportation - Shipping
c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source%\%Market%\Unknown Unknown
c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source%\%Market%\Utilities Utilities - Electrical & Gas
c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source%\%Market%\Wholesale Wholesale & International Trade

  1. In the Group Manager, go to: Edit>Add.
  2. Using the table above, type the first directory (c:\My Databases\MetaStock\%Source%\%Market%\Aerospace) in the space provided next to the word Group. By entering this directory, you are asking Bodhi Freeway 2 to create a folder for each Market and Product group you have selected. For example: if you are downloading Australian (ASX) Equities & Indexes and NASDAQ Equities, the following directories would be created:
    c:\My Databases\MetaStock\ASX\Equity\Aerospace
    c:\My Databases\MetaStock\ASX\Indices\Aerospace
    c:\My Databases\MetaStock\NMQ\Equity\Aerospace
  3. Select MetaStock from the format list then exit the box.

    Adding a Directory

  4. This directory will now be highlighted in the list.
  5. Whilst this is highlighted, double-click in the Sector box.
  6. In the Sector Criteria Wizard box, select Aerospace & Military Technology from the drop-down list.
  7. Click the Set button then exit the dialog box.
  8. That directory is now set to include only symbols classified under the Aerospace & Military Technology indexing.

    Sector indexing

  9. Use the table above to create all the index directories then filter the correct sector into each one.